maandag 11 juni 2007

matt pond PA * interview

Hello Matt. Thanks for your time. I appreciate it. First of all, how are you?

I'm good. I'm up in New Hampshire. Escaping the city. Trying to figure out the fawns.

Later this month there's the release of the EP If You Want Blood. Five new songs. When did you wrote them?

I wrote them over the past couple years -- along with the Last Light songs. Most of them came together last summer. An onslaught of songs. I tend to overwhelm myself with my own music.

I already heard a couple of songs. The title track and If You Live are very strong, IMHO. More than only "something for the summer", right? Will they appear on the new record?

No. They're supposed to go by themselves. The EP is it's own monster. As well as Last Light being a separate beast. They should not comingle -- they would try to destroy each other.

What about the title track? Is that based on something that really happened? It seems very personal.

I may combine stories. I may leave out details or color some things in -- but everything in all of these songs has happened. Embarrassingly personal at times. If only I could mumble the lyrics.

The new full-length was scheduled for the spring. It has been delayed until September. What was the reason for the delay?

We didn't want to rush it out. And we had some missing pieces. I was the one who called it off. It killed me more than anyone. I can't stand waiting. That is my worst bad point. I have the condition of lacking patience known as IMpatience. Yes.

Longtime guitarist/pianist Brian Pearl did leave the band. Why was that?

Um. I think it was the right thing for everyone. This is an egalitarian band. Yet I get the final say. I'm the president...Some people don't always like that. Also. We're not going to be millionaires. We do this because we love it...Some people want more. And this. People should try to do what they think will make them happy. And stop doing the things they blame for their unhappiness. I think that obliquely sums it up.

When I'm right, matt pond PA is a three-men-band now: Dan Crowell, Steve Jewitt and you. Or is Dana Feder still in? I read on the mpPA MySpace page a message that you're looking for two people to join the band. The positions include bass, keys, and singing. Is it so difficult to find the right people?

We're no longer touring with strings. That is the way it's going to go down for a bit. We have the rest of the band in place. A gentleman named Matthew Daniel Siskin on the bass. A gentleman named Chris Hansen on the keys. Eve Miller -- the original cellist -- will join us for certain shows. She's the master.

Can you tell me something about the new record, named Last Light? Will it be totally different from Several Arrows Later, your latest album?

Less focus on the cello. More focus on guitars, drums. More focus in general. I like incorporating strings -- but I don't want them to outweigh everything else. Orchestration can happen with guitar feedback as much as it can an orchestra. That said, I think my/our songs sound like my/our songs no matter how they're treated or untreated. There's a lot of rawness on the new record. It feels organic and honest to me.

I think you never played in Europe. Last year you're supposed to play here. Is it difficult to arrange that?

We've had a little trouble with licensing. We were on a label that treated us terribly -- I was rude to them -- and they dropped us. I believe in standing up for myself -- so I don't regret it all. It's difficult, but it will be arranged. Yes.

You've started another band, The Dark Leaves. With the same people. Strange, isn't it?

It feels different than the music we're working on now, so it doesn't seem that strange. There's a different mentality with the Dark Leaves -- one of absolute equality. I am no longer the absolute president.

The songs are all about fawns. Sweeeeet. More inspiring than headphones and Heineken, I guess...

Yes. Much more inspiring. Devastating, too. Those fawns can really mess up a person's life.

Let me ask you something about other music. Do you have a favorite artist? If yes, what in particular attracted you?

I've always listened to the Kinks. Their words and melodies never stop giving. Waterloo Sunset is about as perfect as a song can get.

What is your favorite album released so far this year?

I'm listening to the new Dungen record. I'm really into it. The Maccabees. Yes. All ass kicking.

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